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Benefits of HIPPA Cloud Faxing


A healthcare organization needs to transmit electronic protected health information (ePHI) by fax on a regular basis, and also need to make sure those transmissions are completely secure and fully protected at all times. This is not only a matter of protecting patient privacy and your business’s reputation — it’s also the law.

Falkondata Smart Medical Assistant(SMA) makes sending secure and HIPAA compliant faxes across healthcare organization and provide a central communication inbox for inbound and outbound faxes.

Inbound faxes are processed in multiple steps to reduce the labor of managing the action required by healthcare provider. The proprietary algorithm runs through series of steps as mentioned below:

1. Receive Fax: The medical Information received from a provider is directly transferred to the physician’s assistant for smart processing.

2. Data Classification: In Data Classification the received documents is classified according to its certain parameters and route to workflow assignment.

3. Data Extraction: Falkondata uses artificial intelligence for data extraction where it automatically processes the data scan the documents that matter to you and extracts patient demographic fields(Name, DOB) from the documents. It enables the automatic indexing of the document and pushing it directly towards the patient chart for EHR or to any system where it is needed.

4.Exchange of Data: Automate integration with EHR routes the document to be stored in patient chart and incorporated with patient legal medical record.

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