When Efficiency Matters, Choose Falkondata

November 7, 2020by Admin0
Document Classification

Falkondata brings efficiency to time-consuming documents received from fax.Falkondata’s proprietary machine learning algorithm classifies the received documents according to rules defined by your practice and route to accurate workflow assignment.

The main aim of document classification is to make work easier for front desk and reduce the time required for all the actions to be completed for each fax received. Falkondata makes the work easier for manual scanning and filing all the faxes by integrating with your EHR. User has the ability to define the labels as per your practice guideline and streamline the fax processing. Key labels entioned play a very important role.

Refill: The term refill is used by the patients to repeat the same prescription from the pharmacy. The pharmacy send HIPPA cloud fax to the physicians, which runs through the algorithm and identifies as a refill request along with patient information without any manual interventions. This reduces the manual scan and index efforts by 60-70% by using falkondata.

Referral: In falkondata, the term referral is used for referring a patient to another doctor with all its medical history with the help of falkondata. All the attachments and medical reports are sent without investing much time. Inbound referrals are available on falkondata and can integrate with your Practice Management from a single screen.

Getting away from paper saves money but it also saves time. Now just open Falkondata review your worklist and start processing the fax.

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