Data Extraction

Falkondata builds AI that reduces manual data entry and automatically finds and extracts the data you need from your documents, regardless of how they’re received.

Let Falkondata AI do the work of processing your documents

Falkondata’s Data Extraction uses Artificial Intelligence to automatically detect the type of document you’ve received so it can be routed and prioritized correctly. Falkondata then scans the document for the data that matters to you and automatically extracts those fields from the document, so you can focus on driving your business forward, rather than hunting and typing.


When inbound documents arrive, our AI technology automatically finds and extracts the data you need so you can eliminate the need for manual busy work and focus on the task at hand.

More Accurate

Remove the accidental errors made in manually typing information off documents. Quickly review all the automatically extracted data alongside the document to confirm accuracy.

Up-and-Running Quickly

Falkondata is 100% cloud-based meaning there is no software to install and you can be up and running in a few days. No long-term commitments and you only pay for what you use.

The power of AI

Artificial Intelligence technologies mean that Falkondata Data Extraction automatically processes documents and is able to interpret their content and purpose. Falkondata finds the data that matters to you no matter where it is in the document or how its referenced. There are no templates to create or maintain, just configure what you’re looking for and we’ll automatically find and extract it. We keep learning so the more documents we process, the more accurate the results get.


Get the most out of your data

Intelligent Field Extraction

Falkondata removes the burden of hunting through documents to find what you need and manually typing it into the system you use. When a document is received, the important data—such as the patients’ name and their date of birth, or their insurance plan or information about the referring physician—is automatically captured. That extracted data can be used to route or prioritize documents, or can used to look-up and match the document with a patient chart in your EHR.

Document Classification

Falkondata will automatically detect the type of document and can use that information to define what fields should be extracted, route the document to different departments or prioritize the document differently based on its type. A single received document can also be automatically split into multiple logical document types.

Barcode Extraction

Falkondata can automatically identify all the barcodes in a document which enables you to automatically match a received document with, for example, an existing case ID. We’ll detect barcodes from all pages of the document, and we’ll detect them even if they are rotated. We support the vast majority of barcode formats.

Handprint and Signature Detection

Falkondata can search particular areas of a document to detect whether it contains a signature and can take a particular action, such as routing or prioritization, based on its presence. We’re continuing to expand this technology capability and look forward to a broad release of new capabilities (coming soon) that will be able to search entire documents for handprinted annotations such as “urgent”, or “approved”.

Integrate documents into your application

Data Extraction enables the automatic indexing of documents and facilitates pushing the documents directly to a patient chart and encounter record in your EHR. We’ll match the patient data on the document automatically with records in your system and upload them for you if we find a perfect match. Any ambiguity or mismatches are flagged for manual review and verification.

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