Document Processing

Put your inbound documents and faxes to work with Falkondata Document Workflow.
We make it simple to streamline the way that documents are processed, handled, and routed to their destination.

Put your documents to work
with Falkondata

Falkondata’s mission is to eliminate the burden of manual document handling. We believe that the documents received by your organization should work for you, not slow you down. With Falkondata Document Processing, those documents become easier to process, and your organization can focus on analyzing data to improve outcomes.

No More Printing

Falkondata brings efficiency to time-consuming, document-based workflows. Inbound documents can be received and processed directly within our interface, where users can search, edit, sign, redact, copy, split and merge pages and more.

Effortless Collaboration

Shared queues and folders give teams visibility into every step of a document’s journey. Users can see at-a-glance who is working on a given document, what actions they’ve taken, and how far that document has progressed through a workflow.

Route the Data You Need

With Falkondata, image-based documents become searchable and interactive, so that it’s easy for users to quickly identify and copy the data that’s needed. Once users have captured the right data, it can be pushed into the EHR or system where it belongs.

Everything needed for paperless
document processing

Share and Collaborate
Falkondata’s secure, cloud-based document inbox gives users access to only their relevant documents. Create shared inboxes to organize your teams around the inbound documents that need their attention. All inboxes can be organized using an easy to understand folder system, making collaboration that much simpler.
View and Edit
Falkondata transforms your team’s faxes and other image-based documents into searchable, editable text. Sign documents, copy and paste the data you need, redact info, and more within the Falkondata interface. All actions are logged, so teams maintain complete visibility.
Split and Merge
The ability to split and merge received documents enables users to eliminate the excess information that isn’t relevant to processing a given document. All vital data can be consolidated in one place, making it simpler for users to interpret.
Push Data to EHR
Once a user has identified the data that’s needed from within a document, that data can be routed automatically to the patient chart and encounter in your EHR, or to any system where it’s needed.

How Insurance Providers Use
Falkondata's Workflow

Use Document Processing to process claims digitally, without hunting for info.
Falkondata easily digitizes received claims into editable pdf format
Pages are split and merged to consolidate all relevant info into the fewest pages possible.
Data within the claim is highlighted, flagged, or copied and pasted to pull out the important info.
The highlighted information within the claim is used to index it to the proper transaction.
A team member pushes the notes and data from the claim to the proper system.

How Healthcare Providers Use
Falkondata's Workflow

Use Document Processing to to manage inbound referrals.
Inbound referrals are received into a team’s shared folder.
A team member starts processing the referral immediately, with all changes tracked.
The team member extracts the fields needed to make a data-based decision on the referral.
After approval or denial, the data needed from the referral can be routed to an EHR or other system.
A workflow triggers a Cloud Fax confirmation to be sent to the referring provider.