Secure Cloud Fax

Secure Cloud Fax delivers HIPAA compliant, secure online fax solutions for healthcare providers & payers across North America. Learn more about how you can utilize cloud faxing inside your EHR/EMR as well as on your laptop, desktop & mobile devices.

Integrated Cloud Fax

Falkondata has collaborated with 30+ healthcare application vendors to embed cloud fax into their software. Learn more about our Developer Tools, API, Portal and dedicated integration support.

HIPAA Compliant Cloud Fax

Falkondata's network is built to enable healthcare providers and organizations to universally exchange documents via online fax securely. See how we protect Patient Health Information and other confidential data through our 100% HIPAA compliant fax solution.

As all healthcare practitioners know, HIPAA compliance requires more than just a technology solution. Providing positive control of Protected Health Information (ePHI) requires a disciplined approach to security that permeates business practices, policies, procedures and personnel training.

HIPAA fax to email plans have the following:

  • Send and receive faxes from your computer, phone or device.
  • Advanced Security measures and Storage.
  • Unlimited storage — never lose a fax again.
  • Integrate our Secure Fax API in your application.
  • Multiple lines supported / porting fax numbers as well.
  • Private & secure — password protection, SSL, TLS encryption for sensitive data.
  • Secure data centers.
  • Print to Fax Software (Easy EMR integration).
  • Advanced routing options and security features.
  • Healthcare industry: BAA available for Covered entities.
  • No-Storage option to delete faxes after they send.
  • Complies with all Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act fax provisions.

Reliable Solutions
Awesome Features


Secure Restful API. Easily integrate HIPAA compliant faxing into your application. Advanced security features are baked into our API.


Send and Receive Faxes using secure web portal housed at our secure data centers.


EMR/EHR/CRM and more. We can integrate HIPAA compliant fax with any enterprise platform.

Fax Automation

Online access to faxes and other documents
Intelligent document classification and data extraction
Monitoring and reporting tools
Document collaboration tools for teams
Automated fax routing and processing