your path to Interoperability

Your path is DETERMINED by you, at your discretion and on your TIMELINE.

as a Service Includes:

Direct secure messaging, patient information query, and patient care networks.
National Provider Directory
Be part of national provider directory and find millions of providers to send, receive. Find and use patient information.
Social Interoperability
Connect providers that are not connected today. Get tools and analytics to broaden interoperability in your community of care.
Content Exchange
Allows you to send, receive, find and use any content. From C-CDA, unstructured data, PDF, images and more. Falkondata service allows you to absorb content directly into the patient record.
Cordinated Workflows
Optimize daily workflows- referrals, intake, EMS, faxing and more. Falkondata service improves workflows and reduces inefficiencies.
Multi-site Strategy
Centralizing workflows, broad administration and analyzing the use of the service are all supported by Falkondata.
Brings visibility, clarity and guidance to any organization’s path to interoperability – through connectivity assessments, fax analysis, and additional reporting.
Protects and encrypts all patient information in transit and at rest within HIPAA-compliant data centers. Falkondata tracks all releases by patient, making audit information available.

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