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    as a Service Includes:

    Direct secure messaging, patient information query, and patient care networks.
    National Provider Directory
    Be part of national provider directory and find millions of providers to send, receive. Find and use patient information.
    Social Interoperability
    Connect providers that are not connected today. Get tools and analytics to broaden interoperability in your community of care.
    Content Exchange
    Allows you to send, receive, find and use any content. From C-CDA, unstructured data, PDF, images and more. Falkondata service allows you to absorb content directly into the patient record.
    Cordinated Workflows
    Optimize daily workflows- referrals, intake, EMS, faxing and more. Falkondata service improves workflows and reduces inefficiencies.
    Multi-site Strategy
    Centralizing workflows, broad administration and analyzing the use of the service are all supported by Falkondata.
    Brings visibility, clarity and guidance to any organization’s path to interoperability – through connectivity assessments, fax analysis, and additional reporting.
    Protects and encrypts all patient information in transit and at rest within HIPAA-compliant data centers. Falkondata tracks all releases by patient, making audit information available.

    Smart Medical Assistant

    Online access to faxes and other documents
    Automated fax routing and processing
    Intelligent document classification and data extraction
    Document collaboration tools for teams
    Monitoring and reporting tools

    Keeps your faxes private and secure

    Smart Medical Assistant is a cloud based HIPPA-complaint healthcare e-fax software that lets you send and receive faxes using your email and/or our secure web application. Faxes are sent directly to the intended recipient electronically; effectively by passing shared fax machines where anyone could pick up and read a confidential fax. All faxes sent and received are tracked online and robust reporting allows for analysis to ensure compliance.

    Paperless document processing

    Smart Medical Assistant’s secure, cloud-based document inbox gives users access to only their relevant documents. All inboxes can be organized using an easy to understand folder system, making collaboration that much simpler. Smart Medical Assistant provides the all in one interface for edit, search, copy & paste, sign document and redact info. The ability to split and merge received documents enables users to eliminate the excess information that isn’t relevant to processing a given document. All vital data can be consolidated in one place, making it simpler for users to interpret. Once a user has identified the data that’s needed, that data can be routed automatically to the patient chart and encounter in your EHR, or to any system where it’s needed.

    Document processing and data extraction

    Smart Medical Assistant uses Artificial Intelligence to automatically process the documents and is able to interpret their content and purpose. Smart Medical Assistant finds the data that matters to you, no matter where it is in the document and how it’s referenced. It automatically extracts the important data – such as the patients’ name, date of birth, insurance plan and information about the physician from the document. That extracted data can be used to route or prioritize documents, or can used to look-up and match the document with a patient chart in your EHR.

    How healthcare providers use Smart Medical Assistant’s workflow

    Inbound referrals are received into a Smart Medical Assistant team’s shared folder. A team member starts processing the referral immediately, with all changes tracked. The team member extracts the fields needed to make a data-based decision on the referral. After approval or denial, the data needed from the referral can be routed to an EHR or other system. A workflow triggers a Cloud Fax confirmation to be sent to the referring provider.