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Turn on Interoperability anywhere, at anytime, with anyone.

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We’ve supported thousands of integrations, including strategy, scoping, and implementation conversations. As a full-service solution, we’re there for you every step of the way.

Design Once,
Integrate Anywhere

Authorize, authenticate, and exchange health data with healthcare organizations through a centralized endpoint and Management Dashboard.

Time to Market

Accelerate your GoTo Market. Average FalkonData integrations are completed in just a few weeks; as compared to Traditional healthcare integration methods which takes 4+ months.

with Falkondata

Interoperability as a Service (IaaS) turns on connectivity to millions of healthcare providers and the capability to send, receive, find and use patient information with everyone. Falkondata’s IaaS enables access to providers via cloud faxing, Direct secure messaging, patient information query, patient care networks (Referrals, ACOs, HIEs) guided by connectivity assessments and analytics. Immediately accessible via subscription and through HIT vendor integration.


Million of messages monthly


percent increase in turnover.


succesfull EHR integrations

as a Service Includes:

Secure Messaging
Provided in a single experience enabling cloud faxing, Direct secure messaging, patient information query, and patient care networks.
Beyond boundaries
Guides you to connect providers that are not connected today. As part of the service you have tools and analytics to broaden interoperability in your community of care.
Document identification
Allows you to send, receive, find and use any content. From C-CDA, unstructured data, PDF, images and more. Falkondata service allows you to absorb content directly into the patient record.
Improved workflows
Anticipates your need to optimize the key daily workflows, such as referrals, intake, EMS, faxing and more. The Falkondata service improves workflows and reduces inefficiencies.
Centralized management
Multi-site organizations have unique needs. Centralizing workflows, broad administration and analyzing the use of the service are all supported by Falkondata
Brings visibility, clarity and guidance to any organization’s path to interoperability – through connectivity assessments, fax analysis, and additional reporting.
Enhanced Security
Protects and encrypts all patient information in transit and at rest within HIPAA-compliant data centers. Falkondata tracks all releases by patient, making audit information available.

Integrate Faster
with 3rd parties.

FalkonData standardizes healthcare data from any source and provides easy  exchange of healthcare data with any partner making scalable healthcare integration possible. Enabling EHR vendors to meet all of their growing health data exchange needs.


Very competitive team! Adhered to our EHR integration within the defined timelines.

Angela Jackson

Thanks FalkonData.

Understood the problem and developed customized integration. Just as defined. Great job FalkonData Team!

Emma Hewitt

Knowladgable team!

I liked the way the integration process was explained. FalkonData knows stuff. Thanks!

Edward Dawson

A good EHR integration vendor.

Less downtime, timely integrations, quickly enabled us to go live. I recommend FalkonData for integrations project.

Eddie Brown


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    Stay updated

    Keep up with FalkonData and get instant news once in a while. We promise, no spam or similar emails, just pure goodiness.

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